I rescued my cameras as well from Goodwill, and the money spent was like my tithe with a return LOL. I too love Minolta's. I think they get the respect they deserve... by those that know about them. The more popular brands are Nikon and Canon only because of advertising and market share in the time Minolta was producing cameras. However, Minolta was cutting edge... "From the Mind of Minolta," and a real threat to both Nikon and Canon... so there was a campaign to shut Minolta out of the market IMHO. Most of what Minolta brought to market before the other mfg's was later adopted by Nikon and Canon into their designs, but they were a couple of years behind them, and relied on their own name recognition and sheer number of sales to give them time to catch up with Minolta. What turned me on to Minolta and the Rokkor lenses is the web site, The Rokkor Files.http://www.rokkorfiles.com/