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Stone, Well done!!Congratulation on your new ultra expensive processing 70mm tank! I had serious thoughts that I'm crazy sometimes, but you won this time!!! :-)))))
Yes, you are actually cutting 46mm wide centre part of the film, so both perforations are off. If you have 70mm unperforated film, you can make 120 or 220 format too. With perforated 70mm you are short 1mm or you are OK if you don't mind having some perforations on the edges of your picture.
Yea there's a guy here I have been sending my film to who slits it for free as long as I send him extra backing paper/spools in 120.

The new ilford 70mm run will be all non-perf....

Thanks, yea it's a crazy price, but I haven't seen one go for less than $250, so... Heck the spiral alone is $100 so I don't feel TOO bad, I can sell my spiral on eBay and maybe the home made tank as well, haha who knows maybe the next person will be crazy too and buy my hand made tank for a lot


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