The chemistry isn't the issue, Roger. You can get an idea right off the MSDS sheets. The developer was just a tweak and substitions were in fact jerrrigged or second-party marketed. The bleach, mainly sulfuric acid with additives, the fix, ordinary non-hardening fixer. The health effects of the bleach were
serious at a lab scale, and very corrosive to equip and plumbing. To a small batch drum user, this was a minor problem. The paper as we know it was tricky and expensive to mfg. Nobody in their right mind
is going to invest in something like that again. Besides, chrome film is getting scarcer; and although
stunning images could be generated onto Ciba using laser printers, it was never particularly common
to do so, and Fuji Supergloss is way easier and more affordable to work with. Ciba paper ages quickly
once opened, so the color balance shifts. And with regard to optical printing, you need polyester based
chromes to start with, or keeping the masks in register is hell. And we've just lost such films. So really,
it is the end of an era in terms of anything commercially viable. I'm filling the void with optically-printed
Supergloss, and somewhere along the learning curve regarding appropriate masking options. Should be
an interesting year ahead of various triumphs and inevitable bellyflops, at least as far as interneg work
is concerned. Basic color neg printing with this material is the same as with any other RA4 paper.