Education is good. Studying art, including what was done in the past, will open your mind, change your perceptions and make you see and understand things otherwise you were blind to.
I will take the question one step farther and say that if you consider yourself a "fine art Photographer" you should study art.. not just photography.
While I was studying Kandinsky my non artist mother didn't get it and said his work just looked like a child's work. His work changed me as a human being and changed the way I see.
Looking at a show by Ruth Bernard changed my ideas about nudes and how I would like to work with them.
Looking at a show by Stieglitz changed my vision.
Holding an unframed Irving Penn Platinum print mounted on aluminum changed my direction.
Studying my coffee cup with a reproduction of pears painted by Cezanne set off a whole series of photographs.
Knowing why Weston lived the way he did changed the way I want to live.
Studying etchings affected my aesthetics in platinum printing. As well as studying drawing.

There is nothing in life that is better if it is ignorantly done.