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Dear David,

How absurd. You're obviously not looking with much effort. I spent some time yesterday on my favorite digital web site reading a discussion of Adams' previsualization techniques, the Zone System vs. digital ETTR, and the differences between Adams'/Minor White's/Weston's approach to the art.

I get that most of the folks here don't like digital photography. Fine, don't like it. But do you really consider fellow photographers ignorant fools simply because they don't use the same equipment/process as you? I sure some of them are, but ALL of them?

How about sharing that web site with me? It might be what I have been searching for.

As to the second paragraph, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!!?? I never said anything about anyone being ignorant fools, and I USE DIGITAL EQUIPMENT, 100%, so if I were looking down my nose at anyone, it would obviously be the people here, not the digital newcomers!!! I could not possibly care less if someone uses the same equipment/process as me. If you can make a good photograph with a bucket of fertilizer and a sharp stick, fine by me! I am the furthest thing from a methodology snob there is. I DO insist however, that what is represented as fine art photography not be printed on newsprint, mounted on plywood with Elmer's glue and covered in oil paint.

And in defense of the people here, I see very few who "don't like digital photography". I see people who have decided to continue to use analog materials for very rational, concrete reasons. I applaud and support that and I make copies of all my more important techniques available to them on my web site, free of charge, for just that reason. All this "my technology is better than your technology" nonsense is a big waste of time for everyone. All that matters is the final image.