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How are they separate? How are medium and imagery not tied together? Your original post was about your frustration that young photographers aren't aware of people that influenced the medium 70-100 years ago. I don't know what they have been showing you, and it may be Flickr type stuff, but maybe not. Are you aware of current trends in photography? Can you humor us and name three very influential photographers working within the past 10 years?
I really don't believe you are confused, but OK.

1. How you got there, platinum, silver, digital, does not matter. The final image is all that matters. I DID NOT say, anything goes under all circumstances.

2. You have a responsibility to your buyers not to use materials you know to be garbage. Knowingly selling trash is called swindling.

Where did I say "70-100 years ago"? You keep trying to put words in my mouth.

As for photographers working in the last ten years... I see new work constantly. I will not play your silly game.

Current trends in photography, now or at any time, cannot make the history of photography irrelevant.