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So if someone is already doing a thing, no one else should try to do that thing using other equipment/techniques? Is this because it's automatically assumed to be inferior, or because you'd be stepping on someone else's toes, or some other reason?

I have an image of a sunflower on my wall that I shot slightly OOF to emphasize color and form over detail. It looks like a painting, and I like it quite a bit. Should I not have produced that image unless I painted it (i.e., I should deprive myself of it because I can't paint)?

This is beginning to get tedious.

Do you REALLY think a violinist trying to make his violin sound like a tuba is going to produce important music?

Great paintings are made by painters, NOT photographers trying to make their photographs LOOK like paintings.

Great photographs result from photographers wringing the very best out of the photographic medium, not by trying to make the photographic medium imitate some other art form.

If you think otherwise, then you won't mind your brain surgeon using a spoon instead of a scalpel.

I seriously doubt you shot that sunflower out of focus on purpose.