SkipA, the formulas that I have are rather old and spotty but here goes.

The developer is a low alkali phenidone hydroquinone developer. That is all the information that I have. It is also indended to develop as much silver as possible without excessive fog.

The dye bleach is sodium bromide, about 5 g/l; sulfamic acid or sulfuric acid in a quantity sufficient to get to a pH of about 1.0 (This would range from about 20 - 100 g/l depending on which acid you use), and to that you add 0.1 - 1 g /l of phenazine (a known carcinogen - since my formula Ilford has switched to a less toxic chemical - I believe that it is a quinoline but I cannot find any information about it).

The fix is an acidic fix of about 4.5 with sulfite and sodium hypo. Kodak Rapid Liquid Fix or similar might be useful without the hardener.

I cannot find the definitive formula list of the Ilford chemistry, just the sketchy outline above. Sorry I cannot do better.

This information comes from a talk given by one of the Ilford engineers, and also some patent references in which they discuss bleach-fixes for dye bleach materials.