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Part of the confusion comes from the long standing misuse of the term "print" for "photograph". The gelatin-silver picture produced in a traditional darkroom is just as much a photograph as a film negative. The only difference is that there is paper behind the light sensitive emulsion rather than film-base. If people stuck to the word "photograph" for pictures made out of light sensitive surfaces then the whole "hand printed" conundrum simply vanishes into thin air.

When I banter with my digi-friends about hand-made art I suggest that making a gelatin-silver photograph in a darkroom with one's wrists handcuffed behind one's back is an insurmountable problem. The digi-printer in a similar fix merely has press the print button with a convenient part of his anatomy. And a second press with a different part of the anatomy (or via an assistant using the same part) yields a print-out identical to the first. So much for hands.
I would suggest that making a Photoshop manipulation with your hands hancuffed behind your back is just as difficult.