Actually I see manipulating images using a keyboard differently.

I have spent years learning photoshop... I use my hands to move the mouse, hit key commands paint in contrast, sharpness colour correction.
I have spent many years printing on an enlarger as well, frankly I feel at a certain level both are hand made prints, guided by ones thoughts.

I would ask those who have spent a lot of time imaging in Photoshop to think about the moments when they are working on an image.
For me the feeling is the same as when I am standing in front of an enlarger, the tools are different but believe me great digital prints are not done with a press of a button and WHAM there you have it.
It takes considerable talent and practice to be good at both methods. The biggest learning curve for me in the last 20 years was how to use a computer to make images,
I am extremely thankful I did.