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my back has on occasion produced a mysterious flare-like image, sometimes fails to start counting frames when closed up, and is also somehow scratching the emulsion near the top edge of the film.

since I started having problems in the last month or so I have been watching keh, adorama, b and h and even ebay and it seems like RB 120 backs have basically disappeared, and when they do appear they are going for a crazy price.

Flare - likely one of the tiny screws in the tiny holes is missing - gaffa tape fixes that, check which by opening back and holding against light where the screws are.

Or seals are gone - easy diy fix with some black foam and the right glue and stanley knife.

In regards to frame counting - yes that's a bitch, open the back as if you were gonna load film, see on the seem on the top part where that little metal tongue thing sticks out, that isn't being pressed in enough, it's a bit out of alignment inside, what you can do when winding the film is press extra hard over that spot when winding film on till it hits 1, or attach something there or on the back where it touches that part to push it in a little more.

AN RB back looks like a swiss watch inside, even with the repair manual, I just looked at it, and put it back together without attempting repair.