Congratulations on that first roll...

Not sure if you're looking for advice or merely company, but if it's the former:
- you should expose your film more, probably one more stop on the first frame and about 2 or 3 more stops on the latter ones. The shadows are lacking detail.
- you're maybe over-developing a little. This is usually due to poor temperature control (you should be well within 1C); you can adjust your development time if you're sure your temperature is right and consistent. This depends on how you intend to print and the lighting conditions you're in, so don't change your time just yet, just do a few more rolls and be very careful of temperature.
- when inverting B&W scans, set the black-point no lower than the border density, i.e. the border of the negative should be completely black not dull grey. Otherwise your image itself will have no blacks.

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