I was recently at a museum in San Diego that had an exhibition of fine art black-and-white prints. Many were done with silver; many were done digitally.

I intentionally decided whether I liked the prints or not before I read the information card that discussed the image. In particular, I didn't want to know if the images were traditional or digital until I'd decided whether I thought they were good or not. Even though I now own a digital camera, I have a very strong pro-film bias.

Of the seven photos that I really enjoyed: four were silver prints from silver negatives; one was a palladium print from a silver negative; one was a digital print from a silver negative; and one was a fully digital image.

Frankly, I don't care how you do your capture - my capture is the only capture that really concerns me - but this validated, to me, that I prefer the character of film-based capture. The reasons for my preference might be interesting to learn, but I'll save that for another day. (I have theories, but really don't know for certain.)