I've used Patetson reels for 40 years or so.

Here is a simple trick that may help getting the 120 started on the reel.
It gives the stiffness and guide to get the roll started in to the flanges...

Cut a piece of the film box to be the same width as 120 film and about 2 or 3 inches long.

Before you go in the darkroom or changing bag slide this piece of card along the reel tracks into the beginning of the reel but not past the little ball bearings. Now when in the darkroom or bag take your film and slide it along the card until it is past the ball bearings and pull in a bit more then remove the card and load in the normal way. You see the card acts like a guide and makes those springy films easier to get started.

I most often reverse curl the first 1/2 inch or so of my film before loading to help with the springiness.
I still have the same bit of card I cut out of a Fuji box a couple of years ago, I only replace it if it gets lost or too banged up.