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When I talk about using archivally adequate materials or presentation appropriate to fine art photography... same thing. Even the most obvious basics appear to be missing.

I also have noticed that on discussion boards they talk at great length about using materials and methods that I, and most here, would consider anathema.

My concern is this: since new photographers have no need of seeking knowledge concerning analog materials and techniques from older photographers, they are therefore no longer immersed in an atmosphere conducive to acquiring knowledge of other aspects of photography from those same people. They do not learn the history, aesthetics, the various schools or even familiarize themselves with any of the work of the past. It is as if, for these new photographers, all the greats and what they had to teach us have simply vanished from the Earth.

I would like to hear the opinions of others on this. What have you seen?...
David, regrettably I have seen this very thing here on APUG over the last few months. I am attacked (frequently personally) for my "classical" technique views when I have offered them. It is the reason I rarely contribute here anymore. I presumed, now it seems with some evidence, that there was a new cadre of vocal contributors who don't share the same history as I, and simply aren't willing to tolerate old rules of commitment to once was a necessary state for the creation of fine art photographic prints.