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Interesting review, thanks for posting. I've looked into the Instax 210 in the past as I've heard nice things about it (despite its size) plus it has a regular print size. But I may have to give the Instax Mini another look if it works better than the 210 and decide whether the larger print size is worth it.
Well it really depends on what kind of shots you expect from the 210, do you like the look of the classic polaroid who most people find it to their liking? If so, yeah get it, or are you looking for something that can handle most scenario?

The mini especially the 25 and 50 seem to be quite good though I can't say much about the 7 and 8 series. Meanwhile, if you are willing to put in the effort, the 210 wide can be pretty good but only if you can control the lighting correctly. The most important thing is to ensure there is enough light so the flash won't be too bright.