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Murray, you're a nut case, but then, so am I. And I do enjoy reading about the predicaments you get yourself into. These days bandwidth is cheap, hog away.

More seriously, if you want to try the lens out to see if it works horribly, why don't you hang it in front of a 35 mm SLR? You won't be able to judge coverage that way, but you will be able to see if its central image quality justifies further fiddling.

Go on having fun,

I'm with Dan on this one. I am alot like Murray in that I start a lot of projects and some even get finished. But, Dan has the right idea. Get a 2 1/4 Speed and hang the next 20 projects on that basic frame. It should be in every photo-tinkers toolbox. I am convinced there is NOTHING you can't do with an old Speed Graphic. So far, the only thing I haven't been able to prove is getting a Osscillo-raptar to focus at infinity on one. I need to get a new lensboard for my 2 1/4 Crown to maybe make that work.

My next project is taking a broken shutter assembly with a 180mm Mamiya TLR lens in it and using it on my 2 1/4 Speed.

Goodluck Murray,

tim in san jose