I just loaded my first roll of 120 film onto a reel the other day. I found it MUCH easier than 35mm! First, the roll is a lot shorter. Second, since its wound tighter, you don't get a slinky tangled mess if you drop the end. I just kept the lose end on my pinky and moved it in front of the reel while I was spooling to keep the film straight while it was going onto the reel. To get it onto the reel I just pinched the lead in my left hand and fed it into the tabs on the plastic reel by pulling, not pushing. So I was holding the reel with my right hand with the tabs facing right, and I "drew" the film across the reel. That way just felt more natural to me. I did fumble around for about 5 min. That beats the 30 min it took me the first time loading a roll of 35mm!