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My concern is this: since new photographers have no need of seeking knowledge concerning analog materials and techniques from older photographers, they are therefore no longer immersed in an atmosphere conducive to acquiring knowledge of other aspects of photography from those same people. They do not learn the history, aesthetics, the various schools or even familiarize themselves with any of the work of the past. It is as if, for these new photographers, all the greats and what they had to teach us have simply vanished from the Earth.
Innovation rarely comes from those who stare in the rear-view mirror.

Avant garde may rarely stand the test of time and although sometimes interesting, rarely produce the greatest pieces of art no matter what art form. Most of it ultimately turns out to be dead ends. That doesn't make it less important, though.

While true innovation and advancement of the arts most often come from those who have a certain understanding of the history, the contemporary and the avant garde, some ideas can only come from those who don't know or care about traditions.