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In fact b&w film is less sensitive to tungsten light than to daylight. Like Fomapan, it is 80ASA in tungsten light. It has nothing to do with 85 filter.
I read that somewhere but then I wondered why negative films do not, to my knowledge, have those same dual speed daylight/tungsten ratings?

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Yes but currently your film is too dark, so you want to reduce density somehow, possibly with with silver halide solvents.

I'm looking forward to your tests with Adox PanX !!
Well, in my case even minute amounts of the silver solvent solution seemed to reduce density evenly all over the tonal range without any increase in contrast. That paper seemed to offer an explanation to me but I may be interpreting it incorrectly.

Yes, I'm looking forward to the Pan-X tests. When I have something to show, I'll post.