Fuji AG guard is for B&W silver based negative and print and to stabilize them for long term.

Easy handling, high level of image stabilization effect
Does not alter tone or color of silver based images
Has similar effect as to "DryWell" when it comes to prevent spotting

How to make treatment solution
Dissolve entire content to 8 liter of water and agitate until even mixed. (this is ratio of 1 part solution and 4 part water)
Warning If original solution was stored frozen due to low temperature, after it thaws in room temperature (20 - 30C), it may precipitate white cloudy sediment. (ingredients precipitated out). In such cases, shake entire container until the sediment dissolves. It will have no effect on performance.

How to use
Depending on storage condition of silver based images as a result of B&W development processes (negative and print), you may use one of below method, 1 and 2.
1-1. After normally processing B&W development processing and after the last water washing, remove water well. After that process, soak for 1 minute. If already dry, soak for 1 minute as is.
1-2. After 1 minute of soaking, remove from treatment solution and let dry naturally or by heated air.
Warning - after drying, if back of film shows uneven precipitation of the solution, wipe off using soft cloth

2. Use clean soft cloth, or sponge, soak the solution and wipe the image side gently. Let dry naturally or with heated air. (Convenient for large prints and ones pasted to panels) However, if diluted further, effect of image preservation will be reduced. Using undiluted solution will provide maximum effect)

Processing capacity
Per 10 liter diluted solution

B&W film - 135 (36EXP) 600
. 4x5 sheet 2500
B&W paper Cabine (?) 2000 - I think this is 4x6 or 5x7
4-cut(?) 500 - I THINK this is 8x10 equivalanet

Warning concerning treatment
Image stabilization effect will be reduced if treated film or paper was re-washed or soaked in other solutions
This treatment will not stabilize products that are under fixed or insufficiently washed
Do not use on color materials

Diluted solution (solution for use) preservation and keeping properties
Store in relatively cool place away from direct sun
Depending on water quality, the solution may become cloudy. Use after filtering

If there are product defect, we will replace. For anything else, please forgive.