Here's the other items you want from BH:

Final rinse: (They also have a smaller quantity for $2.50 I believe)


You need both parts. It will last forever. You DO want the regenerator too, so you can reuse the bleach indefinitely.

The tetenal blix is not designed to be infiintely reused. I don't think you will have good luck with that. (aside from the separate issue of blix not being as good as bleach and fix separately). If you are close enough to BH to order and pick up locally, just bite the bullet and get the good stuff from Kodak. It will all mostly last forever, and is way cheaper than tetenal, and better too.

That RA fixer will work, I use the regular C41 fixer (not RA) which seems cheaper, from my recollection, but I don't see BH carrying that at the moment.

Agree re: calling B&H and checking stock. Chances are they won't have all of this handy if you just walk in unannounced. If I was going to the trouble to get it from them locally, I'd definitely call ahead.