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The developing chart doesn't give the dilution the lab will be using, nor the temperature. Again I have no intentions of developing this myself, so please don't mention it. I was hoping Simon would pipe in, but maybe not.
If doing the film yourself isn't an option, and the lab won't change how it develops film, only one choice remains - do some test rolls and have them do some test processing. It might cost you a few dollars to figure it out.

You can extrapolate and make some reasonable guesses. Find out times they use for a few traditional emulsion films they do, and look up the times those films have with XTOL at a different dilution or temperature. Find out how much your film's times vary with that same dilution and temperature, and make an educated guess as to how it might vary with your lab's procedure.

I'd tell you that developing film at home is easy and doesn't even require a darkroom, and will save you money if you do enough film, but apparently you don't want to hear it. So consider this advice to be for anyone else who reads this thread in the future.