Although I shoot a very find Hasselblad and 4X5 systems and get great results as well from my Pentax 35mm equipment my wife and I both enjoy using our various Holgas and Dianas. I do not consider either of us fools for doing so nor respected photographers such as Micheal Kenna who has stated that he too has added a Holga to his gear. I was very happy with the Holga panoramic pinhole images I created from a recent trip to Havana.

I have never heard or even read anywhere that lomography type cameras or images are what film photography is or ever was so not sure which fools you are referring to. I think there are better ways to promote the advantages of shooting film without insulting or denigrating those whose path differs from one's own. I bought the Holgas knowing full well what they could or could not do as well as knowing how they compare to earlier inexpensive cameras as we own several Kodaks from the 40s and 50s as well. My wife wanted them and they make great presents to her. We will continue being fools shooting and enjoying Holgas and pinhole cameras but other serious photographers do so as well. And enjoy shooting the Hasselblads and LF as well but for different reasons and different expectations and visions.

As to your first lie or what you call a lie, chimping is certainly over used by digital shooters but polaroids were used by film photographers for much the same reason as well. There are so many more settings on a digital camera than most film ones that it is so easy for a setting to be changed without your knowing and viewing the image will often let you know that.