Dear Braxus,

Firstly I must apologise that no one got back to you, not acceptable, I will find out what happened.

I am very sorry we do not supply processing times for XTOL as described used at elevated temperature in a dip and dunk automatic processing machine, we do not ( and would not ) produce this for any of our films.

Whilst many film manufacturers, including ourselves, do test films in many developers including those of competitors and publish, traditionally its the manufacturer of the developer who should offer a suitable time in the product in an automated process.

My suggestion ( if you have any other ILFORD PAN films ) is to ask them to do a test. I presume your lab is doing a sub 60 second developing time. If you do not have any other PAN films then I would suggest that you ask them to process the film at the same development time as they are using for any other iso 125 film or iso 400 film.

PAN 100 and PAN 400 are unique emulsions produced by HARMAN technology Limited :

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :