I've got a superb exhuast system. One just gets sensitized to certain things over time. That's the risk.
I know former lab owners who either got put out of business that way or couldn't enter certain sections
of their own lab. I suspect its amine-related. Just because something doesn't stink doesn't mean it's
safe. I have a big 30X40 processor that actually sits on a cart I can move outdoors. The only disadvantage is that the weather needs to be mild so that the temp of the chem in the drum won't
shift during processing. I've been offered a clean 50" roller processor, but don't know if I could
devise a way to safely use it. I'd need to put it in a separate outbuilding apart from my main lab. I
might sell my 20" processor. Drums are very reliable, and one doesn't have a lot of high-tech circuitry
or pumps to worry about. But they are a bit slow if doing test strips etc.