Anyone who tries to be different just to be different is an airhead. I don't care if you're a wannabee
"artiste" or a guru/curator type. You only live once. Go with your heart. Maybe you'll get your fifteen
minutes of fame, maybe you won't. Believe me, it's no big deal. What counts is the experience - living
your own shots and prints. If you photograph to please others, you haven't lived photographically. Maybe you gotta do it just to make a living (even Weston had his detested portrait studio), but then
there is still your own time. And don't listen to anyone who says, you can't shoot rocks or trees cause
Ansel did that. Bullshit! Dauguerre photographed people almost two hundred years ago - so does that
makes human irrelevant subject matter today? Worrying about trends if for featherweights. Maybe successful crooks prioritize that kind of thing, but they haven't lived either. Actual seeing, perceiving,
and being able to eloquently put that perception into a print, that's what counts! But seeing how other
accomplished people did this in the past is part of the learning curve. Someone who has never read a
great novel is not likely to write one themself! And the kid down the street with a tuba is not likely
to ever get welcomed to a symphony without some serious coaching!