This is what Cameraquest says about the Voightlander 40 mm Nokton - SC and MC edition:

" ... Cosina introduced TWO versions of the 40/1.4 at Photokina 2004. The standard "Nokton Classic" version is multi-coated. The limited production version for the Japanese home market is the 40/1.4 "Nokton Classic S.C." This is where it gets confusing. Cosina already makes multi-coated SC lenses (no periods) in classic Nikon Rangefinder mount. The 40/1.4 S.C. stands for "Single Coated". Why you ask? Because there is more to photographic imagery than super sharpness and the best possible lens test results. To quote Cosina's President Mr. Kobayashi "The 40/1.4 SC lens was produced for those who believe single coated lenses give more beautiful imagery in Black and White." Some Japanese photogs prefer the imagery of single coated lenses to multi-coated lenses ..."

As is often said: MC is better suited for color film and SC for B&W film. The best way to test this equation is to use two of the same type of lenses in MC and SC version (like this 40 mm lens) at the same subject & time and at the same camera & settings.

The rest is probably subjective and personal taste .....

BTW: if you want the old B&W style, just get an old lens. I have an old Leica lens Summar 5 cm f1:2 (collapsible, CHROM, from 1937) for my Leica III (from 1936). A beautiful lens for beautiful soft, old style B&W images.

BTW2: I can't afford it, but would love to try the Voigtlander 40 mm Nokton Classic S.C. on my Leica M4-2.
Voigtlander_40_SC_b 1.jpg

BTW3: don't forget Ansel Adams saying: " ... avoiding the common illusion that creativity depends on equipment alone ... " (quote from his book: The Camera)