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Thanks so much for the great info, I know I can always turn to APUG for awesome advice! The reason I was thinking the GF670 was because it was new and wouldn't require me to get a CLA. It would just be nice to own a new film camera (I've never had a new film camera before haha). But I will definitely check out this Jurgen guys stuff. I had no idea who he was until this thread. Thanks again for the info!

Now you have me looking at Super Ikontas :shakesfist:
...and they have a good meter, easy to load system, and one hell of a good lens. There's lots of reasons to consider it. Only bummer, like the Mamiya series, is lack of interchangeable backs, in case you want to swap between color and BW work.

If you want, you could snag a 6x6 or 6x9 for under $100 and play with it and decide if that type of camera is right for you. I used to shoot folders exclusively, but the lack of interchangeable lenses finally got me.