Thank you all,

If you know Ilya, his digital files are my favorite. I think Matthew Wagg's post is interesting and sounds something familiar to I read couple of years back and I have no good memory.

I think the trick is to scan image in two ways and than dublicate these to images in to one. Yes , that is used by todays high qualiy magazine photographers and bw images.

Let me ask few questions to Matthew : Here is his post ;

Not strictly allowed as its a digital process, but a sharpening tip for the web is to resize your image to web dimensions in photoshop, duplicate the layer and then run a high pass over it. Set the mode to overlay, flatten the image and save it.
I dont know the terminology:

A- How can I high pass the image ?
B- What is setting to overlay ?
C- What is flatting the image ?
D- And is there a free online photo editor site to work with layers , high pass filtering and others ?
E - What is the size of a 72 dpi scan of a 35mm film ? What needed to say to lab ?
F- Is that 72 dpi is the resolution of LCD screens and makes everything looks sharper ?

Now , I will jump to Felinik's link.