I am a bit afraid that you may have caused Molly to shut you off. I suspect that at least half her friends are using, or have used, Holga cameras and when she reached the point in your note where you called them fools she probably did not get a lot further. They may not be treading the same road to image making that we did, but half of the fight in getting youngsters interested in film in the first place is to make it fun. You obviously don't care for Holga cameras or Holga photography, and I am really not all that excited by them myself, but my grandkids love them. Since they love them they use them. Two of them have now graduated from using their Holga's to using more traditional film cameras, and they enjoy them as well. Besides, their imagination is contagious and I find myself trying new things just because they find it so exciting. It is probably good for all of us.