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With fractional gradient you need to guess a point in the toe, then calculate the average gradient, then check the toe gradient. Repeat as needed.

Under the ISO contrast parameters, the fractional gradient point is there 0.29 log-H to the left of 0.10 density. You only need to do the 1.30 / 0.80 measurement from the 0.10 fixed density point.
Working backwards then, find the point 0.29 log-H left of 0.1 of the film-developed-to-ISO-conditions curve. Find slope of the tangent to that point and multiply by 3, do 1.50 times that, to find the density delta. Make a triangle with that density and 1.50 log-H and find where that triangle meets the curve.

What will I find? Will some of the measurement points coincide or be in a predictable place?

Or is it "Not locked down" and the Average Gradient triangle could wiggle anywhere depending on the shape of the toe?