Let's face it. Film photographers are packing around a lot of anger these days. They are feeling self conscious, and unsure of themselves. If they weren't why would we be having all these threads by analog people complaining about digital shooters and digital prints.

It's like dressing like a Goth, then wondering why people are looking at you. They are looking at you because you are doings something different. They may ask you why you dress like that because they don't understand why you do it.

Analog photography has become a niche way to photograph. Some kids today have never seen an analog camera, don't know how it works, and have absolutely no idea how a darkroom works. For the consumer, analog died years ago and before some of these kids were born.

So if you want to be a grumpy old geezer that's up you, but you do have a great opportunity to teach people and evangelize the analog way if you wanted to.

I find the OP letter a good teaching tool, although a little harsh.