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It reminds me of the last time I was shooting 8x10 in the field and the inevitable camera-toting kibbitzer (alias buttinski) showed up and popped the inevitable question "What are you doing?"

After a bit of banter about it not being an old camera and how I "develop my own", it got down to the question of how did I know the pictures will "come out". I assured my new friend that film exposure and development were very precise and then gave him a look under the focussing cloth at the groundglass. While I was getting the usual "wow", "it's in colour", "it's upside down", I pointed out that the view camera can do something no digital camera can do. The groundglass enables "chimping" of the final image in full, with all the details exactly how they will appear, BEFORE taking the picture. The digital cameras folks carry around enable chimping of a mere "preview" only AFTER the picture is taken.

If digital cameras omitted the little reassurance screens on the back, if they didn't offer chimping, their sales would plummet to a fraction of present levels. And people would have to relearn how photography actually works.
What, you mean you trust light?