I like my Nikon 28mm f2.8 AI more than the 35mm f2 AI. I hope the price is right.

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Nikon AI 35mm f2
For Sale: Nikon 35mm f2 AI lens. Come original box and papers. This lens can be used on a Nikon D4, D3x, D3s, D3, D800, D700, D600, D300s and D300 with full matrix metering.

It looks like new, but probably not been cleaned, lubricated or adjusted. The lens focuses smooth, the diaphragm stop down quickly and the lens mounts on my Nikon F2A camera without a problem.

Overall Body Condition: Good Condition. There is wear on the lens body from everyday use. The rear chrome mounting ring is undamaged. I can mount the lens on to my Nikon F2A and F3 without a problem. The lens locks firmly into place. The aperture ring turn smoothly. The filter ring is not damaged, so I can screw a filter.

Focusing Condition: Focusing is accurate. There is no skipping or slippage when focusing.

Aperture and Preview Rings and Blades Condition: The aperture and preview rings move smoothly. They click at all stops. The aperture blades close down to f16. The blades are very clean. There is no oil.

Lens Condition: There is no mold or cloudiness that. Please checked the photos. The lens has very, very, very,very light cleaning marks on the front element.

Notes: There is a rear lens cap and UV filter.
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2.UK/Europe is 170 USD
3.Australia/New Zealand is 165 USD
4.Singapore/Hong Kong/Thailand is 160 USD
5.Taiwan/Korea is 160 USD
6.Central/South America is 185 USD