I am selling my Jobo CPE2+ rotary setup which I love but don't need anymore for my purposes after acquiring a Photo Therm Sidekick... This unit offers a lot more flexability than my Sidekick but that isn't necessary for wedding photography film development.

CPE2+ with lift - 600$
1X CPE2+ Plus processor (115v)
1X Lift for CPE2 with running rollers and extension arms
4X 600 ml Bottles (1 black 3 transparent), all are used but clean and ready to go!
4X 260ml beakers. shows signs use but clean and ready to go!
This unit is USED - but in good condition.
Transfer gears freshly lubricated
New white retaining clips
Rollers and extension arms are NEW
There was a minor crack in the water bath, that was repaired with high impact heavy duty gasket maker, and is water tight. its not as pretty as i would like it to be - but it is now a purely cosmetic issue.
Small chip on one of the lower lift holding brackets but absolutely doesn't affect operation
Custom made strong lift arm, but I still advise you to use your spare hand to help the lift up when draining

2523 with cog lid + center core + 2 x 2502 reels - $130
2551 multitask 5 with cog lid + center core - $130
5 x 2502 reels - $20 each
2 x 2509n reels (like new, with box, 4x5 and 9x12 retaining panels) - $90 each
2508 Sheet Film Loader + 2 x 2512 guide - $140

Prices do not include shipping, as shipping will vary with location and how much of the equipment is bought.