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howdy! i'm from wisconsin, i've been developing and printing my film for roughly a year and a half. i primarily shoot with point n shoot camera's of the 90's; olympus stylus epic, ricoh gr1v, or konica bigmini. Though my first experience was with a nikon FG w/ the 50mm E series lens and i've since moved onto a N90s which i never seem to bother to drag out of the house when i wanna shoot. The film i've been sticking with is the kentmere 400 in the bulk loader, and i must admit i lurked around APUG for quite some time trying to glean every bit of information about the film. here's some samples of what i've been shooting, a lot of punk bands and other stuff i run into along the way. A big inspiration to me is daido moriyama, and i'm also a chemist so i do really enjoy that side of the endeavor. here's some photos i've taken over the last year. i like to develop alittle bit on the high temp side in D76, and i've been printing on the cheapest stuff available and there's a great darkroom through a community photography group here in madison that i print at.
Mad City! An epoch ago I remember I and a fellow out-of-state-er stumbling in to Amateur Night at the Dangle Inn. I didn't have a camera with me, alas, but was still filtering everything through Point Specials.

One of the cooler states...

Welcome! (Nice bite to those images.)