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Film speeds are different for different light sources INDEPENDENT of the filters. That 160 has nothing to do with what the camera built-in filter does. It looks like you're getting over 100 asa with 12 minutes. Even at 100--100 ASA is pretty close to 160 -- this is only 2/3 of a stop "loss" and may very well be within experimental error for meter/shutter/other things. Seems to me it's working just fine. Have you compared to lab results to be sure of your exposure? If you pick up this experiment anytime, it may be best to first do a baseline with lab results so you can see what the "best" is to expect with your equipment. I think I get over a one stop "drift" among my different 35mm cameras when doing e-6 film. Each camera must use a different film speed to get the same results because of different meters, lens transmissions, shutter speeds, other things I can't account for.

Lab to compare with will give apples to apples, as it were. Right now you're comparing to an unknown and maybe unrealistic standard.

Sorry to hear you're packing it in....
Thanks - I'm clear on the film rating issue now.

Yes, a lab processed Tri-X might be good idea as a benchmark.

I've got 4 carts of Tri-X in the fridge - so i'm not really saying goodbye, Tri-X, so much as 'Au revoir Tri-X and bon matin, Pan-X'.

The change might shed some new light on my processing.