I almost called the police today about a disappearing M3 kit.... more on that in a moment.

I am using a Leica (again). A CL made one of my favorite images ever, but also broke my heart, with its troublesome shutter. So I walked away from equipment from Germany.

I rescued a long dorment M3 and it just returned from the "mechanic" last week.
I have been enjoying it and reacquainting myself with a rangefinder (have used a Canon P, Bessa, and Rd-1 in the past).

Anyway I have been transporting it in a brown box along with the 35mm, and 90mm and a couple Russian 50s.

Leaving the office I couldn't find the box anywhere! I looked long, went back home searched the house and car, and returned to the studio!

Did I leave the studio door unlocked on my bank run today? Did I leave it on the roof of the car? I sat down and contemplated the inevitable; the police and the need for a report. Furthermore I had no idea when or how "it" took a walk, and why was the D800 on the desk and Hasslblad on the copy stand left behind. Was it a discerning thief?

The M3 in a box with lenses was packaged and ready to be had.

After retracing my steps four or more times I decide to dial the number... stopped before the last digit, and looked around again, and there is the box! On the floor, beside a posing chair in a shadow cast by a ladder. I think there is a benevolent ghost messing with me.

Anyway I do wonder if these covetable objects are cursed. Stupid story... cheers.