Well I'm back to a single turret with 50+80+105, and a single lens board with a 135.
I read the D5 manual and it turns out that the standard chassis D5 has a maximum baseboard magnification of 4x with a 150 and 4.8x with a 135. So I can get a larger magnification with the 135, and the ability to print 16x20 (if I want to). The 150 would barely make it to 16x20, with no room to crop, which I always seem to do.

I am still considering a 2 turret setup later; 50(35mm)+80(6x6)+90(6x7) and 105(6x9)+135(4x5).
But the 90mm lenses for 6x7 are not listed in the 6 element lenses. I have to drop down to the 4 element lenses to find a 90, but I won't be enlarging as much as 35mm so the 4 element lens probably would not have a visible difference to me over a 6 element lens.