A very nice man in Croatia sent me some of the last Efke 25/50 he could find- a brick of each. I have been using Acros and FP4+ in the studio for portraiture for a time, but every time I look in my fridge, the Efke is staring back at me. I am having a hard time deciding what I should be using it for.

I have done a few image searches and it seems like people use it for everything, but is there a specialized use that I should be saving it for?

I was thinking about doing a fun long exposure for a new band, but then I wonder if it would just make sense to use an ND 0.9 with Acros and save the Efke for something else. I can't save it forever and I am not interested in selling it, so I am curious if you use or have used either emulsion, what prompted you to turn to it over, say, PanF+, etc.