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You need to check to find out if you require a Visa/permit.

Many countries do.

If I cross the border into the USA (a 15 minute drive on a good day) and say that I'm picking up something photographic the US border officials will often question me carefully about my intentions, because:

1) If they think I am working as a photographer when I am in the USA (including shooting stock, or on spec) they will exclude me from the country, unless I have obtained the necessary Visa/permit ahead of time; and
2) If they think that I am acquiring commercial goods from the USA, for import to Canada, I also need to prepare the appropriate commercial export paperwork.

Having high-end equipment when you travel raises suspicion - expect them to try to find your web presence.
What if I'm traveling into Canada to make prints from negatives from a printer in Canada? Is that also not ok?


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