CF lenses are the best bet in terms of optical quality, price and still serviceable in terms of parts. I paid a bit more for both my 100 & 180 CF lenses than they go for now. I see both of them go for $600-$700 on eBay in really good shape when I paid about $850 for each in EX+ condition from KEH back in 2007. The 50 CF FLE has stayed about the same, $750 and up depending on all the usual stuff. The 40 FLE has flattended out at around $1,100 and up. A-16, A-24 and of course 70mm backs are fairly cheap due to lack of film selection for the 24 and 16 models while decent "Number-button" A-12 backs are holding steady.

501CM's seem to have held steady if not gone up a tad while 500CM's have flattened out. I just picked up a super clean 500ELX with decent batteries and the charger from KEH for $170, a bargain for a much needed aerial rig.

Some people may still find this stuff expensive but I remember just how badly I could not afford it back in the late 80's and had to settle for a 500C and chrome C lenses, wow have things changed, 7 CF lenses, three bodies, 9 backs, tubes, hoods, screens, etc. for what I consider peanuts.

Out of all the camera systems I use, Leica, Xpan, Nikon and my 4x5 kit, the Hasselblad system is simply the best built, intuitive, trouble free and flexible camera system out there for my needs.

Go for it, prices are not going to change much from what anyone can tell...