I've owned a year ago a F80/N80 Nikon camera and was thinking of returning to auto-focus gear (i'm with Pentax K & Minolta MD at the moment) on film too (currently I shoot only digital with my nkon lenses). Looking on the market ... prices and stuff, I was wondering if a Nikon 8008 (f801s) would be a better alternative to F80 , especially regarding AF speed and accuracy ? A good one (although much older) would cost less than the F80 but as I know is the pre-pre-pedecessor of the F100 (n8008-n90-n90s-f100). I liked on the F80 its VERY quiet shutter, the two dial control but didn;t like the AF speed so much (definetely not after trying F100 :-) ) and the use of CR123 batteries (i know there is a battery grip but that would add to the camera's volume).
thank you