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Actually, I have nothing against digital photography. My problem is I detest the behavior it requires - hours of sitting on my ass in front of a computer after having already sat on my ass in front of a computer for 30 years. However, I have grown to detest people who simply must tell me that sitting on my ass in front of a computer is so much better in every way than all the tactile wonderfulness I experience with film photography. Mollly was not doing that, only expressing amazement at finding somebody who both understands and enjoys film. And Molly is a wonderful young woman, intelligent, funny, very good at her job, and confident in a room full of men.

Playing the cranky old man, I find liberating - sort of living life as performance art.
I actually think sitting in front of computers for hours is a virtue of the digital system. I see nothing wrong with that. I don't like it when people complaining that you have to do too much post processing when shoot digital. Oh well I have to do much more post processing using film from developing my film to making prints. The digital system allow most people to do post processing themselves unlike in film where most people can't do the processing themselves, I love film. I do not resent the digital. May be the only thing against it is that its popularity making manufacturers stop making film.