I never used Microphen. Is it any good?

I'm guessing that part A is the same for all these developers and part B contains the chemicals specific for Microphen?
The info from Ilford:
"To prepare stock developer, dissolve the contents of part A (the smaller bag) in about three-quarters of the total solution volume (see carton) of warm water at about 40C/104F. Stir until most of the part A powder has dissolved, continue to stir while gradually adding the contents of Part B (the larger bag). Keep stirring until no more powderdissolves. (NB it is normal for a few grains of powder to remain un-dissolved.) Add cold water to make up to the final volume (see carton) and stir. Allow to cool to room temperature, nominally20C/68F, the developer is then ready to use."

The "total solution volume" would be 10 litres in my case, I suppose. I can't check the carton since it is missing.
I think I'll divide it into smaller batches since I don't develop that much film.