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Canadian consulate. Or in the case of Australia, the Australian consulate.

Here is a link to a website for a company that is in the business of assisting people who want to do temporary work in Canada.

I am sure that they charge a fee. I expect there are similar companies that do the same thing in Australia.


And with respect to your "who cares" comment, I'm assuming that if I were to try and shoot commercially 15 minutes and a few miles south of me in Washington State, you would be happy and step up to help me to get me out of your country's jails.
I just don't see the point, my perspective comes from childhood, the neighbor on the other side of my street was in a different area with respect to phone numbers than I was, and so if we wanted to call them, it was long distance.... I just thought that was dumb, there should be a radius from your base location (home) where you can work and go to school and drive too without being harassed and charged.

If I take a picture in Moscow and sell that, in America I'm not paying Moscow for that image ... You pay the taxes in the place you SELL an item. If a painter paints half a painting in one country, and half in the other, but the painting is of a 3rd location, would you expect to pay a tax in all 3 countries, no of course not, you expect to pay SALES tax.

On top of it, if I'm driving to Canada to buy something (a product, in this case paper/print) I'm stimulating the Canadian economy, I shouldn't have to pay additional fees for that...that's a disincentive which pushed people AWAY from doing business and takes money out of the Canadian pool, it's a foolish thing for them to do to me.

I'm just smarter than most other people so it's hard to deal with it all sometimes...

(Yes that last sentence is half a joke, however I can't deny I feel like that a lot of the time... Not here on APUG but dealing with "normal people" lol). In fairness my father is a theoretical physical chemist and physicist and I have 4 generations of engineers and we all tend to have IQ's in the 140-160 range... So I'm not completely incorrect. It also means I'm stupid in other ways, like not knowing who famous people are, or what sport team won what championship, but that's a product of focus and interest I suppose...


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