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Back to your original question: what to save/use it for? As I said before, I never used Efke, but when I look at all the images, my first guess would be street photography.

But the better question might be: what kind of photography do you like - or would you like to try once? Since you probably won't be buying\getting Efke film again, I would use it only for a single (ongoing) project, to get an even style in images.
Your own "oneshot Efke project". ;-)

I'm not sure if I was any help, but let us know what you'll decide and will use it for. Would be nice to follow your project.
Interesting idea...to do a one-off "Efke project" (or even a one-off "Ektachrome project"). I did my own little "Kodachrome project" over the last two years before processing ceased in Dec 2010, shooting about 200 films. If nothing else, I found how much better (at least technically) one's pictures become by concentrating on one film and learning all its characteristics and querks. This would probably apply even more with B&W, not only getting to know a film but also keeping to standardised development techniques, rather than always experimenting?