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In case Kodak resurrects from bancruptsy as the same legal entity, the old shareholders are still in hold of their part/share of Kodak.
This of course does not say anything of a future stock price nor of a future dividend from Kodak.

Shareholders are debtors, how could they get their money back anyway?

Or do I miss something?
The bankruptcy may involve some form of restructuring or issue of new classes of shares, so the old shareholders may or may not still have a holding in the company.

Technically, shareholders are the last-in-line of the creditors, not debtors. (Debtors are those who owe money to the company. In Victorian times, debtors who didn't pay what they owed to others could be put in "Debtors Prisons"...that's how we were taught to remember the difference when I was a student! )