Let me tell you about a friend I have:

On FB in a group, he just stated:

I LOVE old cameras but I am not a collector..
Time prevents me from using my small format cameras so here's the deal:

I'll give this away on two conditions:

1: the reciever HAS to use it (not for a collection)
2: I want a print made using this camera, by the new owner...

(3):you only pay shipping...

And the cameras he is passing on?

A nice looking Horizont panoramic camera with holder
A BEAUTIFUL mint condition Konica Hexar
A Canon (don't remember the model) with a leitz 90mm F2.8
A Speed Graflex with a nice 150mm lens fitted...

I think if he had made this offer inhere, his inbox would fill up rather quickly!...

Pass it on!

Gotta love that guy!
(He gave me my big studio camera with Cooke 14" cooke soft lens to go with it....)